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Concerned community members are taking a battle from their local streets to Federal Parliament. They aim to change outdated legislation that allows modern 3G or Next G Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) emitting towers near schools.

Until scientific studies prove 3G EMR is safe, mobile phone towers should be kept away from community-sensitive locations, such as schools.
Did you know
Children absorb radiation at a
much higher rate
than adults.
There are no long term studies into the effects of emissions or radiation from the 3G network stations.
When telcos call towers
"low impact"
they are referring to the
visual impact
(not health impact).
Scientific evidence suggests there are health impacts for all of us living within a
500m radius
of this facility.
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The precautionary principle applied to Wi Fi in French schools enshrined in law
18 Mar 2013 - Group Ecolo

From the office of Isabelle Attard, Member of Calvados, the French National Assembly

During the third public meeting on the bill to overhaul the school of the Republic, an amendment proposed by Isabelle Attard was adopted. This amendment establishes the infrastructure created for the implementation of the public service of digital educational “promote the use of wired data connections” in relation to WIFI and states that “the precautionary principle must push the state and local governments to protect children, especially the younger ones, the influence of waves. ”...

Read the full article on EMFacts website >

Read the original article on Isabelle Attard's website (translated from French to English) >
Italy court ruling links mobile phone use to tumor
19 Oct 2012 - Reuters
Italy's supreme court has upheld a ruling that said there was a link between a business executive's brain tumor and his heavy mobile phone usage, potentially opening the door to further legal claims.

The court's decision flies in the face of much scientific opinion, which generally says there is not enough evidence to declare a link between mobile phone use and diseases such as cancer ...

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Lawrence Lessig in #Reconnect
15 Sep 2012 - YouTube

Source: YouTube
Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig discusses the cell phone industry's political and media manipulation of the science...

See the full discussion on YouTube >
Council snubs mobile phone tower plans
14 Jun 2012 - ABC News

Source: ABC News
There was a fiery and personal debate last night as the Bendigo council rejected plans for a new mobile phone tower in the city....

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Optus withdraws plans for phone tower in Dutton Park after community backlash
14 Jun 2012 - Quest City South News

Source: Quest Newspapers
GRASSROOTS opposition has quashed plans by telecom giant Optus to build a phone tower just metres from a primary school in Dutton Park.

Protests spearheaded by St Ita's Catholic School parents and friends committee and local residents, aided by association with Brisbane lobby group No Towers Near Schools...

See the full article on TheCourierMail website >
The Guardian Angels Primary school wins Optus tower stoush in Wynnum
6 June 2012 - Quest Brisbane East

Source: Quest newspapers
CHILDREN, parents and teachers from the Guardian Angels Primary school have vowed to continue their fight against telecommunications giant Optus...

Read the full article on TheCourierMail website >
Investigation under way for new Optus mobile phone tower site in Wynnum
6 June 2012 - Quest Brisbane East

Source: Quest newspapers
IN a statement to the Herald, Optus confirmed it will not proceed with a proposed mobile phone tower at the top of Flinders building on Bay Terrace...

Read the full article on TheCourierMail website >
Call to ban phone towers near schools
5 June 2012 - Adelaide Now

Source: Adeliaide Now
MARION councillor Bruce Hull is lobbying for changes to the law to stop phone towers being built within 300m of schools, kindergartens and childcare centres...

Read the full article on the Adelaide Now website >
Dutton Park residents set to rally against phone tower
2 June 2012 - Quest Brisbane Central

Source: Quest newspapers
HUNDREDS are expected to gather in protest on Sunday at St Ita's Catholic School, after it was revealed Optus planned to build a phone tower around 200m from the a local school, on top of a block of social housing units...

Read the full article on TheCourierMail website >
Tower proposal sparks debate
17 May 2012 - The Westerner

Source: The Westerner
Telstra and community representatives will discuss alternative sites for a proposed 30-metre high telecommunications monopole in Highvale, after a majority of residents opposed the plan...

Read the full article on The Westerner website >
Cell Phone Towers a Possible Cause for Cancer?
5 Jan 2012 - You Tube

Source: YouTube
In May of 2011, the IARC - International Association for Research on Cancer declared Radio Frequency radiation as a possible cause of cancer. In this video you will listen to excerpts from the press conference and the related microwave Radio Frequency radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers. You will then be able to determine for yourself that living close to cell towers might be a possible risk to your health...

Listen to the video on the You Tube website >
Cell Tower Antenna and Cancer Study in Belo Horizonte Brazil
March 2012 - YouTube

Source: YouTube
Belo Horizonte is the third largest city in Brazil. In 2011, a 10 year study on cell phone antennas was released by the Municipal Health Department and several local universities. The study found a greater risk for cancer if you lived within 500 meters of a cell phone antenna or tower.

Shortly after this study was published, the city prosecutor sued several cell phone companies and requested almost half of the cities antenna to be removed. In this video you will see the details of the investigation. To view the study abstract, charts and graphs of the publication, the link is provided below. /S0048969711005754

Watch the full presentation on YouTube >
Cell Tower Microwave Radiation Presentation by Magda Havas
March 2012 - YouTube

Source: YouTube
In March 2012, Professor Magda Havas of Trent University gave a one hour presentation to the citizens of Oakville Ontario Canada that demonstrated the amount of microwave emissions that are emitted by cell phone antenna.

The audience in attendance were mostly members of the local community of Bronte that were concerned about 6 additional cell phone antenna that were placed on a tower beside their local fire station. In this video you will be introduced to several cell antenna studies that show the microwave radiation that is emitted by these towers are harmful to human health. You will hear testimony of one person that lived right below a cluster of cell antenna that had been placed on her roof. Using radio frequency meters, Dr. Havas also demonstrated how wireless household appliances such as portable phones, WiFi base stations and DECT baby monitors broadcast constant microwave radiation that are similar in intensity a few hundred meters away from a large cell phone tower.

For links to read about the studies that were mentioned visit

For information about the Bronte Fire Station protest visit

For information about Dr. Magda Havas visit

The program was produced by James Spalding for Burlington/Oakville TVCogeco and this segment is an excerpt from the original 2 hour program.

Watch the full presentation on YouTube >
Suburb takes on Telstra
21 May 2012 - The Mercury

Source: The Mercury
CLAREMONT residents are the latest to fight a David and Goliath battle in opposing a planned phone tower on the Cadbury Sportsground...

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Mobile emissions may be cut
6 May 2012 - The Australian

Source: The Australian
Australia's radiation limits for mobile phones and transmitters may be changed for the first time in a decade, after a string of European countries lowered their limits. ...

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Objectors engage in Bangholme tower row
16 Apr 2012 - Greater Dandenong Weekly

Source: Greater Dandenong Weekly
A SCHOOL and its neighbouring residents say they are fed up with the number of mobile phone towers blotting Bangholme's green wedge vistas...

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Phone towers policy change
3 Jan 2012 - Lillydale and Yarra Valley Leader

Source: Lillydale and Yarra Valley Leader
YARRA Ranges Council is developing a policy to better protect the shire from inappropriate mobile phone towers...

Read in full on Lillydale and Yarra Valley Leader website >
Telstra tower plan to be fought at Quakers Hill
2 Apr 2012 - Blacktown Sun

Source: Blacktown Sun
QUAKERS HILL residents applauded with relief as Blacktown Council voted last week to fight Telstra's plans for a mobile phone tower in their neighbourhood...

Read in full on Blacktown Sun website >
In 13 years, only 99 mobile towers radiation tested
30 Apr 2012 - The Australian

Source: The Australian
RADIATION regulators have tested only 99 of Australia's 18,000 mobile phone base stations to ensure they comply with emission limits...

Read in full on The Australian website >
Telstra agrees improvement needed on mobile transmitter rollout
27 Apr 2012 - The Australian

Source: The Australian
TELSTRA admits it needs to improve its rollout of new mobile phone transmitters, amid community concern over exposure to electromagnetic radiation...

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Phone tower win for residents
23 Apr 2012 - Hills Gazette

Source: In my community
A FIERCE, year-long battle over a proposed phone tower near Gooseberry Hill Primary School has resulted in Optus looking for an alternative site.

Optus’ initial proposal to build the tower less than 200m from the school outraged residents...

Read in full on the In My Community website >
Lobby group wants tighter phone tower regulations
12 Apr 2012 - ABC News

Source: ABC News
A Highfields' lobby group will tell a Senate inquiry, the communications regulator should be compelled to investigate disputes over the location of mobile phone towers...

Read in full on the ABC News website >
Greens’ bill would give people right of reply on phone towers
12 Apr 2012 - Channel Ten

Source: Ten News
Queenslanders opposed to the building of mobile phone towers have taken their fight to Canberra. Tomorrow they'll share their grievances with a senate inquiry...

Watch in full on The Channel Ten News website >
Greens’ bill would give people right of reply on phone towers
From 07 Sep 2012 -

Communities need to have a say in where mobile phone towers are located, and not depend on the whim of telecommunications companies, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today...

Read in full on The Greens MPs website >
Andrew Wilkie's mobile towers bill knocked back
22 Mar 2012 - ITWire

Source: ITWire
A private members bill that would have forced mobile operators to consult more extensively with local communities before installing cell sites has been knocked back...

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Mobile danger protests
12 Mar 2012 - Seven's Today Tonight

Source: Today Tonight
A telco insider, who's mobile phone tower protest went out of control when he drove a tank down city streets to destroy transmitters, is back....

Watch in full on The Today Tonight website >
17th February 2012 10am-2.30pm


The House Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications has announced a public hearing in regard to the Inquiry into the Telecommunications Amendment (Enhancing Community Consultation) Bill 2011. Sadly for those of us who do not live in Canberra (the majority of Australians), the hearing was held in Canberra on Friday, February 17, 10am-2.30pm.

NoTowersNearSchools is extremely disappointed to note the attendees that have been invited to participate in this hearing (Friday's program was only announced late Tuesday - 14.02.12). Of the 75 submissions made to this committee, the vast majority were from communities negatively affected by telcos and their inappropriate siting of mobile phone infrastructure.

NoTowersNearSchools specifically asked for the opportunity to present at a standing committee hearing. Many of the other submissions from members of the community did the same. Despite this, not a single community or community group from anywhere in the country has been invited to participate in this hearing process. Instead, we see a list of the same- old same-old organisations that have now had an opportunity to review the submissions made and build into their hearing presentation responses to the points raised in submissions. It certainly appears as though they are getting "two bites at the submission cherry" - while communities have been left voiceless (yet again).

With great anticipation, we await the outcome of this hearing. Until the final report is released, we remain hopeful that this process is a genuine examination of a real and alarming problem and that the politicians involved have the guts to do something that could make a real difference - and not be railroaded by the same government departments and industry lobby groups into reinforcing more of the same-old same-old. We can only hope that those called to appear before the committee have been summoned to face some intense questioning of their operating procedures. We truly hope these politicians will recognise that they are in their positions to represent people and communities and make decisions that reflect community concerns.

Details about the hearing are available here: [ ic/ Telecommunications/hearings.htm]

DATE: Friday, 17 February 2012
TIME: 10am-2.30pm
LOCATION: Committee Room 1R4, Parliament House, Canberra

8 Dec 2011 - Harvard Law School

Source: Harvard Law School

On November 3, 2011, Dr. Franz Adlkofer addressed a Harvard Law School audience (as part of the lectures and events series hosted by the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics).

The lecture, entitled "Protection Against Radiation is in Conflict with Science" makes for powerful viewing and listening. It highlights many of the significant concerns that No Towers Near Schools has held for years - relating to health, funding for research and government's role in protecting its citizens.

In his lecture, Adlkofer discussed the difficulties he and other scientists face when presenting research on the carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic fields emanating from cell phones. He also discussed the institutional corruption which he says obstructs their research...

See the lecture on the Harvard Law School website >
Mobile phones without towers coming soon
From 1 Sep 2011 - The Sydney Morning Herald

Source: SMH
A mobile phone communications system that doesn't need towers is being developed at Adelaide's Flinders University...

Read in full on The Sydney Morning Herald website >
Residents renew fight against mobile towers
From 15 June 2011 - itnews

Source: itnews
Part 1: An iTnews investigation from the front line.
Quakers Hill resident Kathi Janssens was "completely terrified" when she received a letter from Blacktown Council in Sydney's west notifying her of a proposed new mobile phone tower in the area....

Read in full on th itnews website >
Community Update
8 Dec 2011 - Telstra

Telstra’s Next G® Network upgrade in Bardon for LTE

The launch of Long Term Evolution 4G/LTE mobile broadband services on the Telstra’s Next G network means Australians have access to one of the world's most advanced mobile networks delivering some of the fastest download and upload speeds available anywhere. LTE is a national upgrade to Telstra’s Next G Network and uses the 1800MHz radio frequency spectrum previously used for 2G services.

Telstra will implement this technology at two sites in Bardon in the New Year, Bardon East at Norman Buchan Park (534 Rainworth Road) and Bardon South in Birdwood Terrace (ENERGEX Pole No. 14247)...

See report on the Telstra website >
Questioning the rise of mobile phone towers
8 Dec 2011 - ABC

Source: ABC
It might not be to everybody's liking but along with the rest of the country, western NSW is seeing a growing number of mobile phone towers pop up around the place...

See report on the ABC website >
2 Dec 2011

This week Optus contacted NTNS and indicated that early in 2012 (but not during the school holidays) Optus will hold a public information session in regards to capacity and coverage issues that they have in the Bardon/Rosalie area.

Mr Ken Roberts (Optus QLD manager for Mobile Network Deployment) has assured NTNS that no site acquisition or lease agreements will be entered into prior to this public meeting.

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Towering Concerns
22 Nov 2011 - ABC 7.30

Source: ABC
Many communities across Australia are worried about the electromagnetic radiation emitted from communication towers....

See report on the ABC website >
Primary school takes on Optus over phone tower
20 Nov 2011 - The Sydney Morning Herald

Source: SMH
A Sydney primary school is locked in a battle to prevent Optus building a mobile phone tower station 97 metres from the school gates...

Read in full on The Sydney Morning Herald website >
Brookfield residents protest against mobile tower plans
28 Sep 2011 - The CourierMail

Source: The CourierMail

Brookfield residents have united in protest against a proposed Optus mobile tower they believe may have negative impacts on their health.
The planned tower location, at 63 Kintyre St, is across the road from a childcare centre and 200m from Kenmore State High School.

President of the OMT protest group Andre Van Zyl said they had collected more than 400 signatures opposing the location and would be lodging a formal response this week to Optus and engineering consultants Aurecon, who are assisting with the tower's planning.

"Our group is not anti-technology and innovation, we're simply saying we need better consultation and transparency of technical data and independent research regarding health issues," Mr Van Zyl said...

Read in full on The Courier Mail website >
Telecommunications Amendment (Enhancing Community Consultation) Bill 2011
13 Sep 2011 - Andrew Wilkie


The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, has acted to give the community a greater say on the building of mobile phone towers. Mr Wilkie today formally gave notice to Federal Parliament of his Private Members Bill for an Act to enhance community consultation in relation to the development of telecommunications facilities.
"I think the telecommunications industry has too much autonomy when siting and constructing mobile phone towers with the result that legitimate community concerns are often not addressed," he said. "That’s why I am looking to amend the Telecommunications Act. The proposed Optus tower in Sandy Bay is a good example of the problem and need for legislative reform.
Members of the community should not have to hold public rallies and lobby politicians just to be heard."

Mr Wilkie’s Telecommunications Amendment (Enhancing Community Consultation) Bill 2011 would give people within a 500m radius of proposed towers the right to lodge a complaint, extend the objection period from 10 to 30 business days and require poles and aerials to be viewed holistically when assessed...

Read in full on Andrew Wilkie's website >
Mobile phone towers under scrutiny
25 Aug 2011 - The Greens

Source: The Greens
New legislation to give communities a greater say in where mobile phone towers are installed has been given notice of by Greens Leader Bob Brown in the Senate today...

Read in full on The Greens website >
Telecommunication Tower Problems in Ryde
8 Aug 2011 - Ryde Liberal Councillors

Source: Ryde Liberals
I have been contacted by communities around North Ryde and Ryde that have suddenly discovered a telecommunication tower or some other telecommunications equipment is about to be installed next to their homes, shopping village or schools, without their prior knowledge or consent....

Read in full on Clr. Roy Maggio’s letter to the editor >
People power topples tower
27 July 2011 - The Mercury

Source: The Mercury
PEOPLE power has halted the construction of a mobile phone tower in suburban Taroona.

Jubilant scenes erupted in the public gallery of the Kingborough Council chambers this week when the application to build a 30m tower in a park was rejected...

Read in full on The Mercury website >
Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools, say European leaders
8 June 2011 - The Telegraph

Source: The Telegraph
Mobile phones and computers with wireless internet connections pose a risk to human health and should be banned from schools, a powerful European body has ruled...

Read in full on The Telegraph website >
3G phones less harmful, researcher says
1 June 2011 - Brisbane Times

Source: Brisbane Times
The latest 3G mobile devices such as iPhones and other smart phones may deliver a lower dose of radiowaves to the brain than earlier models but frequent use could still cause cancer, a health expert says...

Read in full on Brisbane Times website >
WHO study: mobile phones 'possibly carcinogenic to humans'
1 June 2011 - ABC Radio National

Source: ABC
Mobile phone users could be at an increased risk of brain cancer according to a study published by the World Health Organisation. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has found that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields are 'possibly carcinogenic to humans.'

Listen on the ABC website >
World Health Organization - Press Release No. 208
31 May 2011
Lyon, France, May 31, 2011 -- The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer1, associated with wireless phone use.

Download the document from their website (PDF) >
Dr. Devra Lee Davis PhD MPH | Environmental Health Trust
Doctor Davis talks about mobile phone usage statistics and links to brain cancer.

See the video on YouTube >
Lateline featuring Dr Devra Lee Davis
4 April 2011 - ABC1

Source: ABC
American epidemiologist Dr Devra Davis joins Lateline to discuss the health risks associated with mobile phone use.

Read the transcript on the ABC website >

Watch the video on the ABC website >
Community Battles - Gooseberry Hill
18 Feb 2011 - Echo News

Source: Echo News
A towering concern.

MORE than 140 people fronted up to a community meeting about a proposed Optus mobile  tower near Gooseberry Hill Primary School on Wednesday night....
Read in full in the Echo News >
Television feature - The 7pm Project
11 Feb 2011 - Channel 10

Source: Channel 10
Telstra mobile towers

Interview with Lyn McClean of EMR Australia discussing mobile phone towers...
Watch it on the Channel 10 site >
A new book "The Force" - Lyn McLean
29 Jan 2011 - Scribe paperback

Source: EMR Australia
Living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution

Lyn McClean is Australia's foremost consumer advocate on the issue of EMR. An author and educator, she has been monitoring and writing on the subject for more than 15 years.
Read more and purchase on the EMR Australia website >
Community Battles - Gooseberry Hill
18 Dec 2010 - Echo News

Source: Echo News
Community livid over proposed tower

The proposed Optus mobile tower, 180m away from Gooseberry Hill Primary School, has the school community outraged as the public comment period draws to a close...
Read in full in the Echo News >
Community Battles - Bicton
21 Sep 2010 - Melville Times

Source: Melville Times
Don't give us Perth's tallest phone tower, plead residents

Concerned residents opposed to Telstra’s plans to build what is believed to be the tallest phone tower in Perth....
Read in full at In My Community >
Community Battles - MULLALOO Tower Action Group
31 Aug 2010 - Joondalup Times

Source: Joondalup Times
MULLALOO Tower Action Group spokeswoman Julie Eady says the group opposes having a Telstra tower on top of Mullaloo Plaza because the site is 100 metres from Mullaloo Community Kindergarten...
Read in full in the Joondalup Times >


On May 10, 2012, the Senate's committee report was handed down. Unfortunately, the report recommended that Senator Brown's Bill NOT be passed.

It was an unfortunate ending to what began so promisingly for communities.

Click here to read the report on the APH website

The only real high point of the report was an excellent Dissenting Report from Senator Brown. It raised many of the issues that are of real and urgent concern to communities around the country.

Click here to read Senator Brown's report on the APH website

Communities have their say in Canberra

Late last year, Bob Brown presented a Bill to the Senate (Telecommunications Amendment [Mobile Phone Towers] Bill 2011). On 09.02.12, it was referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Telecommunications and the Committee is due to report on 09.05.12. Following our group's written submissions to the Committee in response to Senator Brown's Bill, NoTowersNearSchools was pleased to be invited to present there. Two members of our group flew to Canberra on 12.04.12 to do just this.

It was an amazing day at the hearing into Bob Brown's Bill. For communities anyway. NTNS was represented, as well as other community groups from around the country (one from Toowoomba, plus groups from Tas and northern NSW).

It wasn't such a good day, though, for the government agencies responsible for protecting Australians' health and welfare regarding mobile phone towers. When ARPANSA and ACMA representatives were questioned about critical issues including, health, regulation and application of the precautionary approach in the rollout of mobile phone infrastructure, they were unable to answer basic questions that senators put to them (questions derived from the submissions of, and presentations by, community groups, such as NTNS). These questions were not overly complex or, one would have thought, unexpected. And yet, senior representatives of the Government were left speechless and tongue-tied. It seems this is perhaps the first time they've been genuinely challenged in a forum in which they are compelled to answer on the claims they routinely make about mobile phone towers. And, when they were called to task on these claims, they simply had no answers.

Today it became alarmingly obvious that THERE IS NO WATCHDOG PROTECTING AUSTRALIANS in regard to the endless and accelerating rollout of mobile phone towers. Of course, our group has been saying this for two and a half years now. Today, though, the proof was there for all to see. In many, many regards, the government has no idea what the telcos are actually doing:

* The Government has no idea if the telcos are sticking to their claims re EMR output from towers (They revealed to the inquiry today that, of the 18,000 mobile phone towers in Australia, last year just 21 of them were audited to check the EMR outputs were as the telcos claimed they were. When only 0.001% of towers have been checked, monitoring big business to ensure the health of Australians appears to be of negligible concern to our Government. And that's just how many were checked. Of those, we are not sure how many met the initially claimed EMR output. We are also left wondering: With more and more towers going up all the time, will the Government be checking more and more towers, or will they just continue to leave it to the telcos to do whatever they please?).

* The Government has no idea what research is occurring around the world in terms of potential negative health effects from exposure to EMR (they confessed to the inquiry today that they only consider research that's written/presented in English! The thing is that there's a wealth of crucial, worrying research from non English-speaking countries that they are clearly ignoring, discounting, brushing aside without any consideration whatsoever).

* Regulation of telco operations is non-existant. When things go wrong (and they do in a frightening proportion of the cases), there is no one, no body, no government department, no contractor, no one overseeing that or regulating that.

NTNS sees this as a heartening development that seeks to protect the future health of all Australians and we hope it amounts to something substantial. At the very least, some important questions are being asked and vital answers are being demanded by people who must be answered. When the proceeding transcript and video become available, we will put up a link to those. Stay tuned for updates. We will definitely be watching this closely and keeping you informed of developments.

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Telecommunications:
Click here to open the Telecommunications Amendment (Mobile Phone Towers) Bill 2011

Bob Brown's Bill: /Details/C2011B00186

Read the transcript in full on the parlinfo website:


We are pleased to announce that the mobile phone tower on the aged care facility on Main Avenue, Bardon, was demolished on Monday 28/11/11.

The three-tower plan is finally (two years later) in operation. The tower locations are:

  1. Co-location on the Crown Castle pole in Norman Buchan Park
  2. Energex pole on the cemetery edge on Birdwood Tce
  3. Energex pole on Leworthy St, beside the top shop

This plan means there should now be lower cumulative EMR levels at Rainworth State School than it has had for many years.

More details and photos

Pollies Corner

Many members of parliament have been talking about mobile tower issues and the need to change legislation:

Hon Wayne Swan* MP
(ALP Lilley) states:

Wayne Swan
"... there is no federal regulation of high impact telecommunication towers..."

Hon Tony Abbott* MP
(LIB Warringah) states:

Tony Abbott
"My first big local campaign, as an MP, was to prevent Telstra from installing a mobile phone base station next to a kindergarten".

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We’re not against technology.
EMR is in our everyday lives.

Need to take a
Precautionary Approach
in siting base stations
near community sensitive

National Legislation is
out of date
and needs to be changed.

More details

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“The precautionary principle
applies where scientific evidence
is insufficient, inconclusive or uncertain and preliminary
scientific evaluation indicates
that there are reasonable
grounds for concern
that the potentially dangerous
effects on the environment,
human, animal or plant
health may be inconsistent
with the high level
of protection chosen.”
Source: European Commission
Communication on the
Precautionary Principle
2nd Feb 2000

See the European Parliament TV video about the EU report on the health risks of electromagnetic waves and the importance of the Precautionary Principle

MMF Document

See the MMF (Mobile Manufacturers Forum) publication on RF safety at base station sites:

Read the document

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